what’s in the box?

well wallet

Meet our handy dandy, wallet sized, money saving pouch of healthy goodness; Well Wallet! Each WellBox comes equipped with a carefully curated envelope full of free trials and discounts to mostly local wellness related businesses. Recipients can expect offerings for local gyms, health food, spas, natural beauty products, massages, sporting goods, green cleaning supplies and workout gear. So, try out a new yoga studio on Well Wallet! Grab a free, locally made cold pressed juice. Enjoy on a discounted spa day after a stressful day at work. Maybe even splurge on those fancy running shoes now that you have a Well Wallet exclusive discount.

wellbox care packages are outfitted with tools that inspire one to eat, drink, sleep, exercise,think, work, clean, live and BE WELL!

exercise well

Getting regularly occurring exercise is vital for daily productivity and focus, that’s why wellbox works to supply easily accessible means to boost physical wellbeing. Physical fitness is one of the most outward ways to care for our personal wellbeing and getting regularly occurring exercise is vital for daily productivity and focus. Wellbox works to supply easily accessible means for boost physical wellbeing. Think promos at local gyms, exclusive offers at sportswear stores, free trials to new fitness studios and savings on massage therapy.

think well

Stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation; wellbox is here to help combat all of the mental pressure life throws our way. Think discounts at local spas, herbal teas, essential oils and aroma therapy candles.

eat well

Healthy foods will keep hormones and brain chemistry balanced while battling depression and anxiety. Wellbox aims to keep your mind and body functioning at its highest capacity. Think samples of protein bars, nut butters, healthy snacks, offers at local juice bars and deals at health based restaurants.

work well

Stay organized, work more efficiently and optimize your time; wellbox is here to make sure work stays stress free because let’s be honest life is stressful enough without forgetting that meeting with your boss. Think color coded stickers, pocket sized planners, on the go “To-Do” lists and cute pens.