standard wellbox

wellbox strategically curates wellness care packages for companies to gift to their employees and clients. These care packages are outfitted with tools that inspire one to eat, drink, sleep, exercise, think, work, clean, live and BE WELL!

A Standard Wellbox is equipped with several on-trend wellness products that inspire well-being throughout the year. In addition, this box for up to two informational inserts from carrier vendors.

Additional Bells & Whistles:
Custom Welcome Insert
Custom Box
Custom Product Selection

Fully Customized Curation Available

You name it, we can make it happen! Whether it's a unique hand selected assortment of products in your wellbox, a fully personalized white-labeled care package experience or something in between.

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From Our Clients

"wellbox made it easy to promote wellness company wide and to inspire our employees to live healthier, happier lives. The products included were awesome and really got our team excited to try new wellness trends. Having the wellness care packages delivered to each person's home was one of the big highlights for our team, it was like having a little gift in the mail."

-August Public Inc.

“We set it up an “express grab-and-go” breakfast with bagels, yogurt, and fruit to accompany our wellbox distribution. While our employees enjoyed breakfast I spoke about how these care packages inspire wellness; mind, body and spirit. It is important to remind our team why all-encompassing wellbeing is not only important for their individual success, but also for the success for our corporation as a whole.”

-Human Resources, Church's Chicken Corporate Headquarters