interested in bringing a wellness event to your property?

Host a wellness happy hour on site with wellbox! Our brand partners will accompany wellbox distribution to pass out samples and explain the many exciting healthful benefits of their products face to face making the wellness experience more impactful.

wellbox encourages tenants to live a healthier life starting at your property by giving tangible supplies to make immediate healthful improvements. Think nontoxic cleaners, aroma therapy spray, all-natural personal care products, healthy snacks and discounts to local gyms and sportswear retailers.


wellbox eases the burden and budgets of planning community events by replacing ineffective meet-and-greets with gifted tangible goods and services tenants crave. All tenants in your property are also brought together outside of the office as they will be frequenting the same services and retailers from their wellbox exclusive offers. This promotes a positive image that working in your building correlates to a successful, healthy and prosperous lifestyle.